Daisho vs Auto-ML

Built ground-up with BUSINESS USERS in mind

Daisho is built with BUSINESS USERS in mind, and informed by our experiences as both producers and consumers of insights. Hence, Daisho does everything AutoML does, while also:
  • 1. Focusing on automated hypotheses discovery, and
  • 2. Orienting all problem statements around business lens (recipes) instead of algorithms.
DaishoDataRobot, H2O.ai, etc.Azure, Google, Amazon

Usability and Design

How easy is it to use? And what's needed to use?

Complete No-Code
Can be used by Business Users
Recipes for BUSINESS problems

Hypotheses Discovery

More than 80% of a data-science project is just hypotheses discovery.

Build Hypotheses


Manual Coding

Manual Coding

Extensive Data Preparation
Test and Filter Hypotheses


Manual: off-platform

Manual: off-platform

Model Building

Extensive Range of Algorithms

Curated for Business Usage


Users' Choice

Automated Feature Engineering
Hyper-Parameter Tuning

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