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Daisho is No-Code Data Science for Business Users and Problems.

Select the problem you want to solve and point at the data: Daisho does the rest.

Daisho automatically does the math, so you can focus on BUSINESS INSIGHTS.

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The Super Powers

Everything you need to generate insights from your data super-quickly.

How Daisho Works

Or, how to become a SuperHero in THREE simple steps

1Select the Problem. And Data.

Look through the Daisho catalog to see what's the closest to what you want to solve. Then, choose the data file on which you want the analysis to be done. All we need: your data has to be tabular (think Excel), and the data should contain answers to questions in Step 2.

2Help us by answering a few questions

The machine asks you a few simple questions based on the problem you chose. Dont worry: we try to make the machine ask as few and as simple questions as possible.

3Have a cup of coffee. And then see the results!

And that's it! The machine automatically builds and tests 1000s of hypotheses, filters the most powerful, and then builds predictive models using our curated algorithms based on the problem you chose. Daisho also automatically builds and surfaces appropriate insights which you can use for business actions!

Daisho in the Wild

Some examples of how our users utilize their super-powers

Network Fault Prediction

Which cell tower will fail 5 hours from now, so that an engineer can make a preventive visit? 94% accuracy

Collections Prioritization

Which calls should executives focus on to maximize revenue? $4mn bottom-line impact

Early Warning Systems (CPG)

600 page dashboards. What is important? Small but Wide Data: 1mn+ time-series Drivers and Patterns

Automated Ticket Analysis and Diagnosis (IT)

Discovering categories of tickets, and classifying them, along with initial diagnosis. 70% faster resolution

Impact of Logistics on Customer Churn

Combining Siloed Data: supply chain + customer behaviour. Logistics Prioritization

Sales Drivers: Why is this week good/bad?

Combining multiple sources of data: transactions + customer profiles + clickstream. Impact Attribution

What our SuperHeroes say

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