Our Story

Why Daisho Exists

Grunt Work

Around the time Dipayan was finishing up his PhD, he was frustrated about the state of Data Science. He wanted to democratize data science. But, the tool-kits were so complex, that a layer of data-scientists were a MUST for even the simplest things.

Not only that, data scientists were spending too much time on the grunt-work, and too little time on generating actionable insights.


Swarna was coming from personal experience: the biggest obstacle in extracting value was data scientists being too far away from business.

But, to do anything, the baseline requirements were an ability to code in Python/R/Java, and an advanced knowledge of math. As a result getting anywhere was extremely expensive. He was wondering: Why are there no tools out there for business users like him?

Hence was born Daisho!!!

How can we get Data Science closer to business?

What are the obstacles, and how can we solve them?

And how can we improve a data scientist's productivity 10X?

The Team

People Behind Daisho

Chandrashekar Jain

Chandrashekar Jain

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Dipayan Maiti

Dipayan Maiti

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Swarna Vallabhaneni

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